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The Unique Lamps of Base Camp Lodge
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The Unique Lamps of Base Camp Lodge

Adventure Lighting: The Unique Lamps of Base Camp Lodge

Welcome to a world where design meets adventure, and where innovation lights up every corner. At the heart of this creative exploration lies the Base Camp Lodge, now adorned with a truly unique collection of lamps inspired by the mountain universe. It is with pride and passion that we unveil our recent collaboration with this establishment, aiming to capture the spirit of the great outdoors and adventure through exceptional lighting.

The originality? Each lamp takes the form of cabins and gondolas, iconic symbols of mountain adventures. But far from settling for a simple reproduction, we have breathed life and character into each piece through detailed customization and a vibrant color: orange. This hue, both warm and energetic, adds a touch of vitality and comfort, reminiscent of blazing sunsets on mountain crests or the glow of a welcoming campfire after a day of exploration.

This project was not just about interior design; it was an adventure in itself. Each customized cabin and gondola-shaped lamp was designed to evoke stories of thrilling ascents, endless discoveries, and shared moments at the top of the world. Installed throughout the various spaces of the Base Camp Lodge, they invite visitors to dive into a universe where adventure is always within reach.

Beyond their aesthetic appeal, these customized lamps play a crucial role in creating a unique ambiance within the hotel. They do not merely illuminate; they awaken the imagination, spark conversation, and transform every moment spent at the Base Camp Lodge into a memorable experience. Whether it's unwinding after a day of skiing or sharing stories at the bar, the soft and inspiring light from our cabin and gondola-shaped lamps adds an extra dimension to the hotel's welcoming atmosphere.

We are honored to partake in this adventure with the Base Camp Lodge and to contribute to making each stay a unique experience, lit by our passion for design and love for the mountains. This collaboration perfectly illustrates how carefully chosen and thought-out design elements can transform a space, telling a story and creating a deep connection with each visitor.

At the Base Camp Lodge, every light tells a story, every shadow sketches a dream of adventure. We invite you to discover these stories for yourself, to live the experience of a stay where the art of lighting transports you on an unparalleled journey.

The Base Camp Lodge is located in the heart of Haute Tarentaise in the village of Bourg-Saint-Maurice, which is connected to Arc 1600. This establishment is the new hub for nature and mountain lovers. Its ideal location near the funicular allows you to reach Arc 1600 in less than 7 minutes. The hotel offers everything from shared rooms to double rooms, including family suites, with a total of 106 rooms and suites and 5 dormitories. A true living space, you will enjoy gathering in the large lounge areas or on the south-facing terrace open to the mountains of Haute Tarentaise.

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